Your insurance choices will affect your treatment options. 

Investigate your insurance choices carefully. Speak with the insurance company to verify if your physicians are 'in network'.

Keep asking questions!

Plans we do not accept:


  • We will not see patients with any HealthNet RUBY or Health Net Medicare Complement (HMO) plans. HealthNet policy states you cannot see providers who are 'out of network'. Call HealthNet to find a rheumatologist who will accept you as their patient.
  • We are 'out of network' for other HealthNet Plans and can see you but your portion of payments to us will be higher, per their policy.
  • UnitedHealthcare Commercial & Medicare and AARP Medicare Advantage Plans*:            The clinic will soon be 'out of network ' for UHC and AARP Medicare Plans*.             Please select another insurer to continue coming to our practice, or select another rheumatology clinic that is still contracted with UnitedHealthcare plans. 
  • (*We are still accepting the Medicare Supplement plan/ secondary insurance offered by AARP.)
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • In order to be treated in our clinic, you may need a formal 'referral' from your PCP for many plans we accept. Please check with your insurance plan! 
  • Call your insurance company to verify approved treatments and coinsurance for your plan.
  • Kaiser Permanente Plans accepted with a PCP referral and authorizations.
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Current Insurance News

  • If your insurance plan is 'out-of-network', we will see you --only if your plan will allow "out of network".

  • We do NOT see any patients with HealthNet RUBY PLANS or the newer Health Net Medicare Complement Plan (HMO). 

  • We will not be seeing all UnitedHealthcare , AARP Medicare Advantage plans soon. We still accept the Medicare Supplement plan/ secondary insurance offered by AARP.

  • It is your responsibility to check. Please CALL your customer service number and ask, as their website provider lists are not always up to date.

  • Bring all of your insurance cards to each visit, every time. Scan at the 'check-in kiosk' every time. 

  •  For the 'How-to' and 'Why do that'  cartoon video about the check-in kiosk in our lobby, click HERE.

  • You are financial responsible to us, if you have not updated your insurance with us and your insurance will not pay us.




  • We advise you to contact a respected health insurance broker to discuss the impact of changing your health insurance at any time.

  • This will have tremendous impact on your access to treatments and your ability to pay your medical bills NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.

  • We also strongly suggest you purchase a secondary insurance plan or a Medicare supplement plan to help pay your portion.

  • Please investigate thoroughly and carefully.

  • Here are several of the insurance companies we accept (in alphabetical order).

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AETNA Plans: We are contracted with AETNA.

Click HERE for Managing Your HealthCare Costs on your Aetna Website for members.


Go to the website below to conveniently and privately access everything about your health plan. Click the video site tour for help on navigating the website.You can learn to check your coverage, get claim statuses, find account balances, search for a doctor, update your address and more.

Click below, and you will be directed to Cigna's website:

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Health Net Plans


 We will see you as a patient, and we are considered 'out-of-network' by Health Net. They will still pay us for your visit.


Health Net's Medicare Advantage Plan THE RUBY PLAN and the Medicare Complement HMO Plan will not pay us for your visit here.

We do NOT accept those insurance plans and cannot see you here.

Please check HERE at Health Net's patient center.

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Medicare Part B

We proudly accept Medicare.

Check your enrollment and more HERE.

Once received, bring your NEW MEDICARE CARD that will not have your SSn on it to your appointments.

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MODA Health Plan offers comprehensive and clear-cut health insurance policies.

Check with MODA customer services for understanding your financial responsibility. If you have questions about treatment plans, they are the best source for the most up to date information on what your plan covers.

Our rheumatologists accept patients with MODA coverage plans.

Click  HERE for myMODA for patients.

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Pacific Source Health Plans

At William P Maier MD PC rheumatologists, we accept patients that have medical coverage through PacificSource Health Plans.   Call them to verify your medical options for treatment and your financial responsibility

or you may 

CLICK HERE  for online tools for members.

We accept PacificSource MEDICAID plan.

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Providence Health Plan

Providence Health Plan is easy for us to contact. Your responsibility is to call them directly should you have any questions about payment or treatments.

We accept all Lane County plans and some state plans. Providence Health Plans, Providence Medicare Advantage Plans, PEBB, Providence Choice Plans and more. 

Click HERE for online tools for members.

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Regence BC BS

We’ve developed a close relationship with the insurance representatives at Regence.

That way we can help you handle any unforeseen difficulties that may arise.

Please take advantage of their skilled customer service reps for financial responsibility questions, billing or treatment questions.

Use their website HERE for a cost calculator and a member dashboard to track your deductibles; you can print a new insurance card.

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Trillium Medicaid/Medicare

 Trillium Medicaid insurance: ACCEPTED.  

United Healthcare
Our clinic will soon be out of network. 
UHC Commercial and Medicare Advantage plans including AARP Medicare Advantage plans are affected, but the medicare supplement plan by AARP will not be affected.

Look at the patient website for helpful tools and to view UHC links to find other rheumatologist/providers.
Information, links, tools and questions for patients on the website created for you and your family

College Campus

University of Oregon Student Health Plan

Welcome U of O students! We will work with your U of O health insurance plan and other plans to provide you the best care during your time in Eugene.

If your insurance company is not on this list, please contact the company's customer support for your coverage questions. The phone number is usually on your insurance card.

If our clinic physicians are not on your health plan, get in touch and we’ll find a way to take care of you.

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