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Having difficulty with the portal, scroll down to the bottom of this page for tips and hints.

Check your email for an invitation.

Call our office to update your email or to receive another invitation.

Once you receive an invitation from our office by email, you will create a password and username to access your medical information.**



  • Receive answers to simple questions-- no waiting on hold.

  • View upcoming appointments or ask to make a new appointment.

  • Review lab reports, once your MD has seen them

  • Send  non-urgent questions to your rheumatologist or to staff.

  • Upload documents you'd like your rheumatologist to view or send documents to another physician.

  • View your statement & pay your bill with a credit card.


**(The username should be 6 to 50 characters in length with no spaces and no @ sign. Letters, numbers, and special characters such s _ . ! $ * are allowed.
Passwords should be 8 to 20 characters in length with no spaces and no @ sign.  Letters, numbers, and special characters such s _ . ! $ * are allowed. This must include a combination of letters and numbers.)

If you are having difficulty accessing (forgotten password or user name, or registration issues), the topics listed below may help you pinpoint and resolve the issue.

If none of these solutions resolve your access issues, contact your provider.

If you forgot your username or password, please see the Forgot Username topic.

Are you having problems registering for If so, see the Registration Email topic.

Are you able to Sign In to, but need to reset your password or update your security questions? If so, see the My Account Settings topic.

Some security changes have recently been implemented to further safeguard your patient information. If you are having trouble accessing My Health Record, please attempt the following before signing in:

 Clear all cache and cookies for

Manually check under browser settings to ensure you are on the latest version of your browser.

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