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If you experiencing a FLARE or increase in symptoms, click here.



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  • Co-pay Patients:  Your insurance company really does require co-payments for services to be paid at the time of your appointment. Please pay on the Phreesia mobile check-in website, or at the front desk.  An administration fee may be charged for co-pays not paid within the same business day.

  • Self-pay Patients: Payment for services is due at the time you check in.

  • Late Arrival: If you check in 10 minutes late for your appointment, you could be rescheduled.  Late arrival for infusions: you will be fit in as soon as possible.

  • Early Arrivals: Please do not arrive too early, unless you are a new patient. We wish to avoid parking lot blues of limited spaces. 

  •  Cancellation Policies: A charge will be applied to your account when 48 hour notice is not given to us. This applies to all types of visits. 

  • Please read our updated Financial PolicyThis notice informs you how your health information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information (updated PrivacyPolicies).

  • No Cell Phones Please. In order to improve patient experiences and better serve you, we have a No Cell Phone policy. Please be courteous to staff and other patients, and turn off your cell phone while you are in clinic, exam rooms, lobby.

  • We are a no-opioid clinic.

  • New Patients: we do not prescribe opioid pain medication for chronic conditions. We will treat your underlying conditions.

  • Thank you for your cooperation.                                                                                                                



  • Watch the VIDEO from the American College of Rheumatology on being recently diagnosed with a rheumatic disease.

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